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Virtual Card with Prepaid Card


We integrate and provide consultation on various card such as prepaid card, Visa, and others.

Generally Cards Globally Accepted

Prepaid card gives you loads of advantages and international acceptability. You can also choose for a non-physical NFC card that can reside in your mobile phone, for contactless payments. With our card, you can :
Load from Any Bank account, Domestic or International
Pay Directly to Any Bank account, Domestic or International
Pay at any POS terminals around the globe
Withdraw local currency from any ATMs (Physical Card Only)
Access to a portal for card management and loading.
International card program.
Available in major currencies.
Instant issuance available.

Online Shopping and in Stores

You are always able to shop in store retailers using Chip & PIN for more secure purchase, in addition to online shopping from the biggest online stores worldwide.

Card to Card Money Transfer

Card to Card Transfer enables you to transfer funds online to friends and family members quick, easy and convenient.

Get Fast Cash

Use your Visa prepaid card at millions of ATM’s worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted.

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