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Massage and Spar Apps Development Company | SMD Webtech (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Massage and Spar Apps Development Company

Prominent Massage App Development Company

SMD  Webtech MY is a renowned web and mobile app development company with 10+ years of experience in the domain. The company is well-known for its on-demand app solutions that serve various businesses across different industry verticals. Regarding the massage app development business, SMD webtech MY provides a flawless, safe, and pre-engineered uber for massage service app solution that caters to the needs of both individual massage owners and users.

Also, they can opt for a customized massage app solution if they have a unique idea and sheer will to revolutionize the app market. Our expert designers and developers will help you to turn your innovative app idea into a unique digital solution.

User-Friendly Massage App Development Business Model

At SMD Webtech MY, we create custom massage app solutions to create a marketplace for every business model. The mobile app solution is incorporated with a rich set of features & functionalities to suit modern requirements while keeping customers’ needs in mind. Our mobile massage apps are also well-suited for dedicated massage parlors and massage aggregator business models. Develop a massage service app with us and leverage your business with a user-friendly massage app solution.

Dedicated Massage & Spa Business Model

A personal massage service app can boost a business’s growth and improve the customers’ attention toward your brand value. With the unique app feature, this business model thrives more & more over time because users get every piece of information in the palm of their hand anytime. Businesses can attract new users with their outstanding services.

Massage Aggregator Business Model

The massage aggregator business model is best for creating a common place for every salon owner. They can market their unique services to customers, and users can choose the best massage service that caters to their needs. With the healthy competition created on the app platform, massage service businesses get an influx of users at a high rate.

Savvy Features of Our On-Demand Massage App

SMD Webtech MY delivers feature-packed white-label and customized on-demand Massage app solutions. Massage app businesses in the health and beauty industry can manage their professional massage service delivery and ease people’s lives by utilizing our highly innovative & cutting-edge technology-based app solutions. On the other hand, users can register and hire a skilled and experienced massage service provider, make payments, rate and review services, talk to health experts, etc.

Smart Booking
Safety Tools
Service Management
In-App Commucnication
Payments Options
Push Notifications
Feedback/ Ratings

Admin Panel

Laundry App Development Company   Login

After completing the massage app development process, the admin gets access, log-in rights to the app platform, and control of the business with a specific ID and password security.

Laundry App Development Company   Smart Booking

The latest technology-based smart system automates the booking process, including assigning time-slot for massages, scheduling /canceling bookings, therapists’ allotment, etc.

Laundry App Development Company   Review/Feedback

This feature displays all the customers’ feedback and ratings regarding the massage services provided by the salon and spa center. Admin can respond accordingly to each feedback.

Laundry App Development Company   Service History

Every service at any time provided by the health and spa center is always present in the form of a record, along with payments, feedback, reviews, massage type & time, and more.

Laundry App Development Company   DataBase

It has all the data and information related to the salon services, staff, scheduling, inventory, business-related activity, payment management, booking management, etc.

Laundry App Development Company   Advance Search

An advanced search option contains various filters to find the preferred services. It is well managed by the admin using a fast navigation process on the app platform.

Laundry App Development Company   Communication Channel

Admin panel gets multiple communication modes for transparent communication, including audio/video calls, text messages, voice recording options, media file sharing, and more.

Laundry App Development Company   Payment Management

The admin panel handles the finances of the massage center, including loan management, service payments, listing free in the marketplace business model, commission, discounts, etc.

Customer App Features


Users can log in to the app platform and start booking massage appointments at their preferred salon to receive the best healthcare and beauty treatments.

Therapists Information

Users can look for the therapists’ profiles on the app platform, which consists of various necessary information, such as experience, expertise, etc., for better guidance.


In case of any queries, questions, or doubts, users can contact therapists, massage parlors, and app management based on the issue at hand in just a few clicks.


The massage app management offers different massage parlors in recommendation based on individual search, preference, needs, price range, locations, etc.

Advanced Filters

Based on their healthcare needs or individual beauty treatments, users can search for particular massages using advanced filter techniques available at different massage parlors.

Easy Booking

After deciding on massage therapy and a massage parlor, users can easily book an appointment according to their suitable time and date and pay online instantly.

Payment Modes

Users can use secure payment modes to ease the process, such as UPI, credit/debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, Paypal, etc., and collect receipts online.

Safety Tools

With all the advanced tools, it is essential to provide the safety tools to prevent mishappenings and provide the best health and beauty care that every customer deserves.

Massage Parlor Panel Features

Laundry App Development  Registration 

In an aggregator business model, massage parlors can register themselves on the app platform and start marketing their services to attract more customers.

Laundry App Development  Booking Management

Massage appointments are handled and managed by massage centers and confirmed. The digital appointment and service details are stored on the massage app platform

Laundry App Development  In-app Communication

In case of any queries, questions, or doubts regarding specific services, users can communicate with the concerned massage center via audio/video calls, text messages, etc.

Laundry App Development  Therapists Profile

Individual therapists’ profiles must be present on the app platform so that people can ask for their advice and book the necessary appointments at the massage parlor at the right time.

Laundry App Development  Payment Management

Massage parlors can manage their finances on the app platform, including payments from customers, commissions, listing fees, special offers, discounts, in-app advertisements, etc.

Laundry App Development  Work History

Service providers can see their work history through these features. It contains information such as the time and date of customer services, customer details, payment details, etc.

Laundry App Development  Massage Service Listing

The home feed displays the massage type lists available on various massage parlors and their price range. It creates healthy competition among various services.

Laundry App Development  Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to notify massage parlors about real-time app activities, such as messages, feedback, ratings, new appointments, and many more.

On-demand massage app development process we follow

Our on-demand massage app development services follow a set model, researched and designed toward perfection. Whether you wish to develop a custom on-demand massage service app or want an AI-based on-demand massage app development, this model ensures the creation of a best-in-class, highly competitive mobility solution within the provided budget and timeframe.

Explore and Analyse

Massage App SolutionsGather client requirements under NDA restrictions

Massage App SolutionsTry to understand our clients deeply

Massage App SolutionsPropose requirement based solution and seal the deal

Documentation and Scoping

Massage App SolutionsHave a project commencement meeting with PM

Massage App SolutionsReview the scope of work documentation

Massage App SolutionsFinal scope review with design and development teams

Designs, Wireframes and Mockups

Massage App DevelopmentCreate wireframes based on the client’s brief

Massage App DevelopmentIndividual app screen designing with UI/UX experts

Massage App DevelopmentSharing the designs with the clients for approval

Development and Testing

Massage AppProgramming for the app’s Alpha version

Massage AppProgramming for the app’s beta version for client review

Massage AppRigorous testing for user acceptance & 100% bug-free deployment


Massage App DevelopmentApp submission on Google Play Store

Massage App DevelopmentDatabase deployment on the client’s server (if required)

Massage App DevelopmentComplete app review and make the app live

How Does Our On-Demand Massage App Work?

Our on-demand massage app development solution provides businesses in massage and spa business with a streamlined workflow that enables users to complete their demands conveniently with immediate effects. Below is the workflow of our offered massage app solutions that helps to deliver an excellent user experience for every massage service they receive.


Customers can register to the massage app and log in using their email ID, contact number, and social media accounts

Browse Massage Services

Once logged in, customers can look for the massage services at their convenience using various filter options available.

Select Massage Services

The customer will select the best-suited services after browsing several therapists and on-demand massage-providing services.

Book/Schedule Massage Services

Moving ahead, the customer will book or schedule the selected massage services.

Multiple Payment Options

The customer can make payment for the opted massage services using any of the various payment methods available in the application.

Reviews & Ratings

Lastly, the customer can share his overall experience from booking massage services to getting a massage from a therapist, their behavior, and payment ease on the application.

Ready to Build the Best-in-Class Massage App Solution

Develop world-class on-demand massage app solutions with an industry-leading on-demand massage app development company in the  Thailand and provide people ease to book/schedule massage services from the comfort of their home following a few taps on their smartphones.

Massage app development cost estimation

The overall cost to build an on-demand massage app solution depends on several factors that cumulatively control the final cost of app development. Therefore, don’t forget to consider the following factors before estimating your on-demand massage app development cost.

App Platform

The platform on which you want to develop an on-demand app solution affects the overall app development cost. Suppose you want to build an on-demand massage app for Android. It will be more affordable than the massage app development for iOS.

UI/UX Designing

The UI/UX of your on-demand massage app solution plays a vital role in attracting people and retaining them to the app. Therefore, creating user-friendly and compelling UI/UX designs using paid tools that add to the app development cost is a must.

App Features

The number of features and their complexity impact the app development cost. The more features and advanced features your on-demand massage app will have, the more it will be helpful and useful for on-demand massage service seekers.

Tech Stack

Tools and technologies used to develop the front-end and back-end of a robust, secure, and scalable on-demand massage mobile app influence the app development cost since some tools are available for free, whereas some tools demand a great sum of money.

Third-Party Integration

This helps in improving the app’s functionality. Consequently, the app appeals to and engages customers more efficiently, affecting significant business growth and revenue. Therefore, always consider third-party integration costs with on-demand massage app development.

App Testing

The market is flooded with free app testing tools, but these tools do not effectively find and eliminate bugs. Therefore, creating a bug-free, performance-oriented on-demand massage app requires paid tools, which increases development costs accordingly.

App Security

Privacy and data security are major concerns in this digital world. Creating a secure on-demand massage app solution requires implementing security measures competent to handle data breaches and cyber-attacks, affecting overall costs


Request management and data handling have a major roleplay in an on-demand massage service provider’s app. That requires sufficient storage for seamless app operations. Whether you choose server installation or cloud storage subscription, both demand considerable investment

Benefits of massage app

If you choose massage app development with the best massage app development company – Thailandapps, you will be leveraged with the following benefits.

Unique Services

In this fast, modern lifestyle, people have little to no energy to give the body what it needs. The app provides the best relaxation time at an affordable rate to soothe their muscles and provide necessary physical care.

Certified Professionals

The massage app provides the best and most experienced professionals to cater to people’s needs and provide the best health and beauty care they need while ensuring their privacy and safety.


The massage app allows users to book their appointments at their convenience. It ensures both parties can enjoy life and work balance and get the best health and beauty care from professionals.

No Setup Requirement

The best part about the massage app is that users don’t need to worry about any tools and equipment needed for massage therapy. Massage therapists bring their tools.

Affordable Prices

Users don’t need to go anywhere for anything at all. Users can enjoy massage therapy from the comfort of their home at an affordable price.

Multiple Payment Option

The massage app allows users to pay for services however they can. They can use a multi-payment system that includes cash on delivery, credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, digital wallets, etc.

Frequently  Asked Questions

The safety of business ideas is one of the major concerns of businesses nowadays, and we understand your concern. Therefore, we prefer to sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients that ensures the security and confidentiality of your business idea with us.

Yes, we provide our clients with post-app development support. However, it is for a limited period of three months. After that, if you want to continue support and maintenance services with us, you have to pay a nominal amount as per your chosen plan.

You will own the code after the app launch. We recommend that you don’t modify or change the code, as if the script is modified, our team will not be responsible for the affected loss. Also, the support package coverage will be ended. So, manage and maintain code consciously.

Deployment of native iOS and Android apps will be our responsibility on the respective app store & play store because app deployment follows restricted guidelines, which are a must to meet, and we have experts who can do so with complete accuracy in less possible time.

The cost of a fully-fledged massage app takes up to tens of thousands of dollars in total. However, the cost range also depends on various influential factors during development. These contributing factors are app complexity, the number of features, technology incorporated, graphics used, etc.

It takes a considerable amount of time to develop a market-ready massage app. The app development process can take from a few weeks to several months. Business models, app features, app platform, app complexity, etc., are a few deciding factors.

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