LMS online learning Apps Development

Main Features

The mobile learning app isn’t just a tool, it is a powerful combination of great functionalities delighting all the users.
Course Taking

Students can take any courses and lessons they like without interrupting the process of learning and enjoy the smooth flow of content.

Quizzes & Tests

Set up quizzes and assignment tasks with different types of questions including standard True or False tests and interactive Item Match.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy navigation and user-friendly interface help students to concentrate on the learning activities.


Course Listing Page

Manage and update the course content from your WP powered website. 

Payments & Memberships

Enable online payments, allow one time purchase and create membership plans, students can access directly from the app.

Account Pages

Students will have their personal profile pages they can update and change the personal information.


Change colors, fonts and brand your app with simple customization tools to give it a complete view.

Variety of Lessons

The application easily displays all types of lessons, whether it is text, video, live stream or slides.

Integration with LMS

The application easily displays all types of lessons, whether it is text, video, live stream or slides.

What Students Get by Using LMS Apps?

Synchronized Content

Update the course content from your WordPress website and every change will be instantly applied to all students’ devices.

Progress Tracking

What’s more, mobile apps can help students keep track of their studies through automated updates and the means to check on assignments and their own progress.

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Higher Motivation

The younger generation is more motivated to learn when they can do it with the help of their favorite devices, which are more interactive as well.

Control Over the Session

Students can take more control over the learning sessions, especially when they can access the course at any moment and check the updates, for instance.

Why Are Learning Apps Good For Education?

An open, intuitive and extensible tool that was born to make personalized learning simpler, more effective and connected. Both teachers and students are going to love the app supporting the learning ecosystems.



The software is optimized for iOS and Android system based devices including different types of them like smartphones and tablets for exceptional user experience.

You can deliver the best eLearning experience on iPhones and Android smartphones. Get your business a mobile boost with the best educational app.


With the app, the favorite courses are accessible for students anytime from anywhere. A complete learning system in their pocket and courses to take on the go. Couldn’t be more convenient. 

A constant access to training materials allows students to study not only when they have a possibility but everytime they want to. Taking a course online doesn’t require anything just student, a phone and the right course, that can be found in SMD Webtech developement apps.


Bite-sized learning

To keep learners from getting bored, deliver the content in less volume. Push the short doses of learning materials each day to get your students into a habit encouraging them to study more.

Studying materials divided into smaller parts contribute to the effective storage and assimilation of information. Learning becomes easier, more interesting and more productive.

Push Notifications

Boost engagement with your mobile application enabling personalized real-time push notifications. Reach your audience anywhere and anytime. 

Whether there’s a breaking news alert, app update, or any change in the content, you can deliver messages directly to the user’s home screen.


Offline Mode

No more limits and restrictions — get access to the favorite courses at any time. With offline mode, lessons are always at your hand. Download any course from the app and keep on learning even if you have no internet connection.

The app will store the data once it was loaded and will ensure users have hassle-free access to the course content. Continue taking lessons on the move and don’t let bad connection interrupt your education.

High-power technology stack for your
LMS Online Learning Apps

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