Healthcare & Fitness Apps Development


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SMD Webtech integrates the utility of mobile and web to come up with stupendous healthcare solutions that ease the lives of medical professionals, hospitals, and others who are involved in the healthcare industry.

Our experienced fitness application developers have developed apps with the right features and functionalities, promising a personalized experience for our fitness freaks.


Fitness App Development Features

Activity Tracking

Track distances, calorie intakes for activities such as sleeping, walking or running.

Personalized Account

Create a personalized account for your profile to upload useful basic fitness-related information.


The user can subscribe and get access to newsletters and all this build higher engagement for the app.

Video and Tutorial

Take the right postures during workouts, and information on exercises from the videos and tutorials.

Push Notifications

If you ever miss out on any activities, then push notifications on your mobile devices prove beneficial and helpful.

Wearable Integration

Our geolocation enabled applications and find relevant information on fitness centers in and around your location.

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