Sales Management


Credit Sales

Managing sales on credit requires closer governance to ensure the defined parameters of performance are adhered to Focus 8’s enhanced credit sales management module puts you in control to ensure that the definitions for Credit Sales are accurately followed:
  • Define multiple sales flows to automate the push and pull of data through the sales cycle from inquiry to invoice
  • Define effective credit control management parameters and manage the credit limits of customers and handle defaults of payments effectively.
  • Manage inventory reservations through on confirmed sales orders and ensure enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Get quick updates through advanced info panels in the order/invoice entry views of customer sales history and last quoted price to expedite accurate processing of data

Cash/Retail Sales

Manage retails or cash sales through easy-to-use, efficient systems that make retail processing efficient. Focus 8 fully integrates all modules with the retail functionality to provide you with a comprehensive unified solution.
  • Design and define the touchscreen interface for the sales retail till machine
  • Manage multiple tills within one location, or multiple locations and configure seamless data synchronizations among the tills, locations and other administrative locations.
  • Effect stock transfers and manage inventory between outlets and warehouses. He automated synchronization transmits the transfer instructions to the issuing in multiple currencies.
  • Deploy comprehensive Loyalty Management Solution to easily enhance customer experience and satisfaction through point – based systems.


  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty
  • Improve your sales force efficiency and define/adhere to industry standard processes
  • Lower bad debts and improve receivables through accurate and timely action
  • Deploy across multiple industry domains over a single application ensuring streamlined group consolation
  • Seamlessly integrate over multiple locations
  • Gain a competitive edge with critical information on the dashboard for quick decisions.

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