POS System



Our Pos System is exactly that, an ideal Point of Sale solution for your business. Supporting many different industry types including retail, cafes and restaurants, hotels, dry cleaning and more, you can be confident that we will be able to handle your business in any situation.

LMS for employee training

From managing stock to knowing how your employees are doing, our cloud-based restaurant management solution has what you need to manage the daily aspects of your business.

lms for customer training

Whether offering tableside or counter service, our restaurant POS matches your preferred workflow, ensuring smooth and efficient communication between front and back-of-house.

Compliance Training LMS

Maintain control over your business by setting employee permissions. Lost your internet connection? Our offline mode keeps you up and running even if your internet isn’t.

LMS for Channel Training

Analyze staff performance, the sales you make at different times and how your stock moves throughout the day. An accurate, current snapshot of your business gives you everything you need to make well-informed business decisions.

Why successful restaurateurs choose SMD Webtech POS

Our restaurant point of sale software’s permission-setting capabilities give you full control over who can access the register, inventory, sales data and more, ensuring your business remains secure.

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